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Tania Silver & Gold Earrings
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Tania Silver & Gold Earrings

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Pretty earrings combining sterling silver and gold filled beads designed to match our lovely necklace and bracelet. "Gold filled" describes jewellery that has been treated by a process which bonds a thick layer of gold to another metal. To be called gold filled, by law, the gold must be 10 karats or above and it must be at least 5% of the total weight of the bead. This means it is far more expensive, and far superior to gold plating which is just base metal dipped in a solution with a tiny % of gold in it, that chemically bonds to the other metal creating a microscopically thin gold layer which over a relatively short period of time rubs off with wear. Gold filled beads will not tarnish and the gold rub will not off.

Vital Statistics
Weight 4g
Drop: 4 cm
Width 1-1.4 cm
Thickness 1-5 mm
Gold filled beads: 3 mm diameter

PLEASE NOTE: For hygiene reasons, we regret that unwanted earrings are not returnable

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