Corazon Latino Silver Ring Sizing

Corazon Latino rings are designed to look great on any finger from your pinkie to your thumb, an are available in a range of sizes to suit almost any hand.

There are 3 ways to decide which size works best for you:

1) If you know your UK or US ring size, simply choose the best size from the table below.

2) Measure the internal diameter (straight across the middle from inside face to inside face) of a ring you already own and compare that with the sizes given in the table below.

3) If you don't know your size and don't have a ring to measure, wrap a piece of fine non stretch string (dental floss is great for this) around the widest point of your finger - this is usually your knuckle. Then lay the string on a ruler and measure its length in millimetres.This is the internal circumference, which is shown in the table below for each Corazon Latino size.

Please bear in mind that all our rings are handmade and there will be slight variations between them. For the wider, chunkier styles we recommend going up a size if you're near the top of any size scale.

Corazon Latino Size UK Ring Size US Ring Size Internal Diameter in mm Internal Circumference in mm
Extra Extra Small J - K 5 15.1 - 15.7mm 48.5 - 49.5
Extra Small K - L 6 15.9 - 16.3mm 50 - 52
Small M - N 7 16.5 - 17.1 mm 52.5 - 54
Medium O - P 8 17.5 - 18 mm 55 - 56.3
Large Q - R 9 18.3 - 19 mm 57.6 - 59.5
Extra Large S - T 10 19.2 - 19.6 mm 60 - 61.4
Extra Extra Large U - V 11 20 - 20.5 mm 62.7 - 64

If you need any help picking the right size for you, give us a call on 07970025090 (UK mobile), 0330 808 0410 (UK landline) or +44330 808 0410 (international callers) and we'll be happy to help.