Pandora Chunky Silver Bangle
Pandora Chunky Silver Bangle
Pandora sterling silver bangle
Pandora unusual solid silver bangle
Hestia and Pandora wide silver bangles
Pandora silver bangle and ring

Pandora Chunky Silver Bangle

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This gorgeous silver bangle never fails to impress. Its fluid, almost serpentine design wraps around your wrist for maximum impact. Big, bold, and very heavy, it's perfect with everything from jeans to a ballgown.

A lovely piece of contemporary silver jewellery, made from two thick strips of silver, sandwiched together to give a flat underside and curved upper surface, twisted around a figure-of-eight and then curved to form a cuff. It has an opening on the underside so it can be slipped over the wrist.

Vital Statistics
Weight 60-65g 
Length tip to tip 17 cm
Opening 3 cm
Fits wrists between 17 & 20 cm around
Width 4 - 4.5 cm

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