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Luxury Cufflinks

All our cufflinks are solid, sterling silver throughout. We don't use cheaper, plated backs. We think if you're paying for hand crafted, artisan made cufflinks, you deserve the best, so we use solid silver, and all of our cufflinks are tested and hallmarked sterling silver by the London Assay Office. Aside from the classic sterling silver cufflinks, we have worked with some amazing artisans to create completely unique limited edition handmade silver cufflinks set with unique natural materials.

For understated style we have carved and polished Kingwood and reclaimed Ebony pebbles inlaid with a strip of pure silver. For the man who likes something quirky, there's our chunky Sea Glass cufflinks, subtle shades of frosted grey, cream, green and deepest blue glass which have spent the past hundred years rolling around on the ocean floor before being washed up on the beaches on North Yorkshire. Combed from the beach, hand sorted and set into a silver cabochon with a matching brushed finish to echo the subtle frosted texture of the glass. And then, there's the rare green Baltic amber and shimmering keshi pearls.

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