All about our Jewellery

To make shopping easy we always include the most important facts about each of our pieces on their individual pages, but if you would like to know a little more about our silver jewellery in general then here it is.

Our Mexican Silver

Back in 2005, our first ever range was Mexican, handmade in the silver town of Taxco. The Mexican range has evolved over the past 13 years into just under 100 designs made by five incredibly talented silversmiths with combined jewellery making experience of over 150 years.

These wonderful people are: brothers Jorge and Luis Estrada, Jaime Ortiz, Carlos Figueroa Lopez and Alicia Fuentes.

Born and bred in the beautiful silver town of Taxco, Jorge and Luis are second generation silversmiths with over 50 years experience between them. Their father was a silversmith, and their sons already work in the family business. Their speciality is high quality moulded designs.

Jaime specialises in the intricate handmade pieces in the range. Designs like our stunning Cassiopeia and Hebe pieces. He also makes our signature Jupiter Necklace, one of the original 20 pieces, and still a firm favourite.

Carlos creates detailed moulds by hand to make our lovely cast designs. He is responsible for our amazing Aphrodite silver soulmate bangle and our spinning soulmate rings.

Alicia is one of the few female silversmiths in Taxco. She is responsible for our gorgeous ever-popular Pandora bangle.
Silver making in Taxco tends to be carried out by craftsmen who work on a freelance basis for various designers and companies. There is a huge variation in skill and experience (and price), with many artisans taking the safe route of making standard mass produced or machine-made pieces for larger companies, which are then sold onto wholesalers and appear all over the world on websites and in high street stores. Jaime, Jorge, Luis, Carlos and Alicia are at the top end of the scale. They work for us and some of the biggest names in silver jewellery. We pay them higher prices to ensure that not only is our jewellery of the highest quality, but they are also rewarded for their loyalty and commitment to our smaller quantities and exclusive designs. We are forever grateful to them.

Our Thai Silver

8 years ago, we started working with a fabulous team in Thailand (Kai, Nan and Pong). They helped us create a range of contemporary designs that were strikingly different from the Mexican silver. Their range includes the stylish Lutetia bracelet and necklace, and our premium quality liquid silver jewellery, which they make in the traditional way to our own specifications.

As well as the team in Bangkok, we now also work with an Isreali designer based in the far East of Thailand close to the Cambodian border, who has created a stunning range of pieces inspired by the natural coral formations and plantlife of this unique part of the world. From the solid silver pendants in our men's range, to the stunning Metis bangle and necklace for women, all of the range is produced using the latest green technology, so that not only are the pieces inspired by nature, they also protect it.

Our Karen Hill Tribe Silver

Development of our 2010/11 range took us even further afield, into the hills of Northern Thailand in search of the famous Karen hilltribe silver. Famed for their exquisite handmade silver beads and botanically inspired designs in 99% pure silver, we worked with them to create some unique pieces featuring silver flowers, intricate hand "knitted" chain mail, and soft brushed finishes.

Our Baltic Amber silver

5 years ago I decided to indulge another passion: Amber. I have always been fascinated by amber: its beauty, antiquity and incredible individuality. Unfortunately, Taxco may be the silver centre of Latin America, but it isn't the easiest place to find amber, or craftsmen with 30+ years of experience in amber jewellery making. So my new passion took me to the shores of the Baltic Sea, where I found Michal, a man whose passion for amber is only matched by his jewellery making skill. Michal makes beautiful amber jewellery in a vast range of designs but, more importantly, he was willing to indulge me and create a range of unique pendants, all handmade using Baltic amber combed from the beach beside his home and set within a hand wrapped silver cage. Because each piece of amber is unique, every pendant is slightly different in terms of colour, inclusions (the prehistoric debris trapped inside the amber), shape and size. With colours ranging from cream to butterscotch, pale honey to deepest cognac and pale lime to forest green, amber has never been so fascinating or versatile.

All our amber are limited edition pieces. We make what we can from the amber that appears. Buy one of these pendants and not only will you have a piece of handmade jewellery that started life hundreds of thousands of years ago, but also something that you will probably never see again.

Our Gemstone Jewellery

Some of our loyal ladies asked us to add a little sparkle and colour to the range, so back in 2010 we added both gemstones and pearls. To compliment our chunky silver rings, we added 2 fabulous jewelled rings made exclusively for us in the gem capital of the world: Jaipur. Set with four different gems in five different cuts, in either fire or ice colours, they are a showcase for the skills of the Indian gem cutters. From Garnets to Peridots, Amethysts to Topaz, these rings sparkle with light and colour. They prooved so popular, we now also offer the same sparkling stones set in 2 chunky bangles. For those that prefer things a little more dainty we have also created a stylish hinged bracelet, and a delicate long line necklace with matching bracelet, set with the most unusual of all cuts: the cushion.

Our Keshi Pearls

Traditional pearls tend to have a slightly frumpy image, but there is absolutely no reason why you can't do something a little different with them. On my travels I came across these incredible Keshi pearls.  Extremely rare, they are made when rebellious oysters spit out the grain of sand that has been introduced as the core of a cultured pearl, and create an irregularly shaped, flat pearl of pure nacre instead of a typical cultured pearl which is a sphere of nacre around the central nucleus. Because they are pure nacre, their lustre and shine is even greater than a standard cultured pearl, and their shape makes then much more striking and contemporary. We have a range of Keshi pearl necklaces in 4 natural shades (cream, peach, champagne & silver grey), and some striking tinted colours from shimmering bronze to warm chocolate.  Keshi pearls are becoming increasingly rare as pearl farmers start x-raying their oysters to catch the rebels.

Our Balinese Chiming Pendants

Last but by no means least, there's our lovely chiming pendants. Handmade on the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali, these delicate handmade chiming pendants in 6 intricate designs combine a sterling silver filigree cage and a delicate chiming brass ball. They make a wonderful gift and an unusual variation on standard silver.

Sterling Silver & Nickel Free

No matter which of our artisans makes it, or where in the world it is made, all of our silver jewellery is tested by the London Assay Office and given our own unique hallmark to guarantee the quality and purity of the silver as solid, sterling and nickel free.

If you havee any questions about our jewellery or service, give us a call on 07970025090 (UK mobile), 0330 808 0410 (UK landline) or +44330 808 0410 (international callers) and we'll be happy to help.