Tania Silver & Gold Bracelet
Tania Silver & Gold Bracelet
Tania silver leaves necklace and bracelet
Silver jewellery set
Silver and gold necklace
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Tania Silver & Gold Bracelet

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A pretty and delicate design, combining our classic sterling silver with gold filled beads. "Gold filled" is a term used to describe a mechanical process which bonds a relatively thick layer of gold to another metal. The gold must be 10 karats or above and it must be at least 5% of the total weight of the bead to legally be called gold filled. This makes is far more expensive and far superior to gold plating which is just base metal dipped in a solution with a tiny % of gold in it that chemically bonds to the other metal. This means the layer of gold is very thin and rubs off with wear. Gold filled beads will not tarnish and nor will the gold rub off. We have used the gold filled beads to provide warm highlights between the silver links which add a contemporary twist to the design.

Pictured with the matching necklace and earrings, available below. 
Vital Statistics
Weight 12g
Length: 19.5 cm (fits wrists up to 19cm)
Width 1-1.4 cm
Thickness 1-5 mm
Gold filled beads: 3 mm diameter

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