Sylvia 25 strand necklace and earrings
Sylvia Liquid Silver Necklace
Sylvia Liquid Silver Necklace
Sylvia liquid silver necklace
Sylvia liquid silver jewellery set
Sylvia multistrand necklace

Sylvia Liquid Silver Necklace

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A brilliant shimmering silver necklace made from the heaviest guage of liquid silver beads available. Tiny tubular silver beads are strung on 25 individual threads to create an amazingly fluid stream of silver. This lovely necklace can be worn loose or twisted before fastening to create a thick silver cable and a totally different look.

For more information about the different qualities of liquid silver available and how to compare the different pieces and prices available read our liquid silver blog post.

Vital Statistics
Weight: 42g
Length: 42-46 cm adjustable

Weight: 45g
Length: 47-50 cm adjustable

Weight: 48g
Length: 52-55 cm adjustable

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