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Plus Size Jewellery, Silver Bracelets & Bangles for Large Wrists & Extra Long Silver Necklaces

If you are a beautiful plus sized woman, you may find it difficult to find jewellery that fits you properly. At Corazon Latino, we offer plus size jewellery UK, which means you can enjoy the same quality, artisanal jewellery in larger sizes for a comfortable fit. Browse our range of rings, bangles and more below to find a special piece for yourself, or to give as a gift.

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Beautiful Plus Size Jewellery by Corazon Latino

When you are buying for a woman with a larger than average dress size, you may want to consider choosing from our plus size jewellery range. This is because some curvaceous women may find standard sized jewellery doesn’t give them the fit they desire. If you are buying for someone with big wrists, large hands or a larger than average neck fitting, then they may find our range of plus size jewellery UK more comfortable.

Our plus size jewellery is designed to fit and be worn all day, and we don’t sacrifice style. You get the same beautiful pieces of Corazon Latino jewellery, simply made a little larger. Our website has measurements for all our jewellery pieces, from ring sizes to necklace lengths,

Bracelets for Large Wrists give you a Comfortable Fit

Many plus size ladies will tell you that it’s difficult to find bracelets for large wrists. If you are looking for silver bracelets, fit is important, as a bracelet that’s too small can get uncomfortable after a while. That’s why Corazon Latino have made large wrist bracelets that have a little extra space. This means women can wear them all day or for a night out, without the bracelet getting irritating or digging into the skin. 

When shopping for bracelets for large wrists, you should get a wrist measurement if possible, rather than simply estimating the length you need. Take a piece of string and measure just below your wrist bone, then add from ¼ to one inch, depending on the fit you want. Buying for someone else? Try measuring one of their favourite bracelets to get the right length.

Once you know the size you want, browse our plus size bracelets for women below. Our bracelets for big wrists are the same style as our standard range, just with some extra length.

Buy Bangles for Large Hands at Corazon Latino

Bangles can be another challenge for plus size women, or just those with different proportions! We offer both sterling silver bangles for large wrists and bangles for large hands, so you can still wear these classic pieces of jewellery. Getting extra large size bangles is advised for anyone who has larger hands or wrists, as the bangle will slip on more easily, and be easier to remove.

Our sterling silver bangles for large wrists are the same as our standard range, we just make them in slightly bigger sizes. It can be hard to find large bangle bracelets for large hands, as many bangles only come in one size. However, as we design our own jewellery and have it made by artisans, we can offer large size silver bangles for those who need them.

Extra Long Silver Necklaces for those who want Longer Lengths

If you’re a plus sized woman who likes the style of long necklaces, you may have found in the past that they come up short. Unfortunately, women with large necks will often find that necklaces aren’t as long on them as they would like, so at Corazon Latino, we offer extra long silver necklaces in our range. These long silver necklaces come in a variety of lengths, so it’s worth measuring your necklace size to ensure you get the effect you want. You can do this by using a piece of string or a soft measuring tape.

When choosing a necklace as a gift, you can work out the length they like by looking at necklaces they wear a lot. You can then measure one when they take it off and compare it to necklaces on our site to get the right length. 

Our extra long silver necklaces are also ideal for those who are tall. No two women have the same bodies, and if you’re taller in the body, then you may need longer length necklaces to give you the look you want. You may also want different length necklaces to create a layered or waterfall look, so the longer lengths are ideal to achieve this style. 

At Corazon Latino, it’s easy to find a beautiful longer length silver necklace to suit your style.

All our Plus Size Jewellery is made from Quality Sterling Silver

When you order from Corazon Latino, you can be sure your item is made to the highest standards, whether you choose one of our plus size sterling silver bangles or one of our long silver necklaces. Our range of solid sterling silver jewellery includes both standard and larger sizes, and you will find pieces from silver pendants to silver earrings, which you can mix and match to create the perfect look.

Corazon Latino offer Silver Plus Size Jewellery from a UK jeweller

Shopping online for silver jewellery can be challenging, so make sure you buy from a jeweller who is known for quality. If you’re looking for longer necklaces or a large bangle, shop with Corazon Latino. We guarantee quality sterling silver and you’ll love our range of handcrafted jewellery. You can find out all about Corazon Latino on our about us page. 

Order Today and Enjoy Free Delivery in the UK

Order plus size jewellery from Corazon Latino, and you can get free delivery in the UK, with fast despatch. When you are looking for silver jewellery that’s comfortable for plus size women to wear, browse our range and buy online.


How much larger than your wrist should a bracelet be?

A bracelet should usually be from ¼ of an inch to one inch bigger than your wrist, depending on whether you prefer it fitted or slightly loose. If you’re buying a bracelet that you need to slip your hand into, such as a silver bangle, then you may need some extra space if you have big hands.

How do I find my wrist size?

The best way to measure your wrist size is to use either a soft tape measure, or a piece of paper or string around the wrist. You should measure just under your wrist bone, where a bracelet would normally sit. You’ll want to add ¼ inch to one inch to your measurement depending on how tight you want it to fit.

How should a bangle fit?

When you order a bangle, measure your wrist and then decide whether you want it to be a loose or tight fit. If you have large wrists, it might be better to size up, so you can slip your bangle on and off comfortably. However, you should avoid bangles that slip down to the heel of your hand, as this can be annoying.

How do I measure my necklace size?

If you already have a necklace of the right length, you can measure your necklace size by simply laying it flat and using a ruler. Otherwise, use a piece of string and drape it around your neck to the desired length. This also helps you decide whether a short or long necklace will suit you.