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Women's Chunky Silver Bangles & Handmade Thick Silver Bangle Collection

Looking for something a little bit different? We have a unique range of high-quality solid silver bangles for women, tested and hallmarked by the London Assay Office to guarantee sterling quality. From thick silver bangles to slim silver circles, a chunky silver bangle for larger wrists, and smaller petite sizes for the more delicate wrists, we have created a collection of silver bangles for women with something for everyone. We don't sell mass-produced solid silver bangles; instead, we sell beautiful handmade silver bangles; each piece is unforgettable and unique. We source these marvellous designer silver bangles directly from the artisans, which allows us to bring you unique, ladies' sterling silver bangle designs in unusual sizes. We guarantee delivery within three working days for a silver chunky bangle, and our no-quibble money-back guarantee backs every handmade silver bangle, so all you have to worry about is choosing the perfect women's silver bangle from our collection for your loved one.

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Buy A Handmade Silver Chunky Bangle Online From Corazon's Collection

Are you looking for that perfect handmade silver chunky bangle? Are you looking for handmade silver bangles that are slim and delicate, a subtle silver highlight for her wrist, or are you looking to choose something bigger, maybe a chunky silver bangle that is a statement piece? Here are a few things you may wish to consider when shopping for women's silver bangles. Firstly, scale. When selecting silver bangles for women, the scale isn't necessarily about the woman's size. It's about what suits the wearer and how much impact you want the women's silver bangle to make. If it is the only piece of jewellery you're planning to wear, go big with a high-impact chunky solid silver bangle or wide silver bangle. If it's going to be worn as an everyday ladies' silver bangle or as part of a selection of different pieces, then we suggest you opt for a slimmer design that you can mix and match with a necklace or ring. Whatever it is that you're looking for, Corazon Latino has a wide variety of beautiful chunky bangles and handmade silver bangles online to choose from, with something for all tastes.

What Options of Handmade Solid Silver Bangle Do You Have?

The next aspect of buying real silver bangles for women online is the style. There are two types of solid silver bangles. There are the handmade silver bangles that are a solid circle that you slip your hand through, and those that are women's silver bangle bracelets with an opening on the underside for you to slide over your wrist. When it comes to silver bangles design, the solid circle type is the strongest; however, because it is an unbroken circle, there is no flexibility in the size, so you need to be sure of the lady's wrist size or pick one that has a hidden hinge. This ladies' solid silver bangle cuff style can be adjusted for a perfect fit and is a suitable choice when searching for ladies' silver bangles for large wrists. This delightful women's sterling silver bangle offers a broader range of wrist sizes for those with larger hands and smaller wrists. Still, these women's sterling silver bangle bracelets should be treated with respect when fitting, as repeated flexing will eventually snap the silver.

Women's Sterling Silver Bangles for Wrists of All Sizes: Thin, Large, or Chunky Silver Bangles & Bangles for Petite Wrists

Once you've decided on the type and scale of the sterling silver bangle, you need to pick the perfect size. Thick silver bangle bracelets are the trickiest jewellery to get right, so it's essential to measure the wrist and hand accurately to ensure that whatever women's solid silver bangle you choose is a perfect fit. We offer chunky silver bangles for large wrists and thick silver bangles for thin wrists. Below are a few tips that will help you get an accurate measurement before purchasing sterling silver bangles for women in the UK.

Measuring Chunky Sterling Silver Bangles for Women

One of the easiest ways to determine what size sterling silver bangles for women you choose is to measure an existing women's silver bangle. Most standard chunky silver bangles UK clients buy online are 6.5cm across. However, at Corazon, we cater to more extensive and smaller wrists and offer many of our most popular wide silver bangles in 6 & 7cm diameters. To avoid confusion, always measure the inner diameter.

Measuring the Wrist for a Perfect Fitting Ladies Silver Bangle

If the ladies' silver bangle is a C-shape cuff with an opening or a full hinged circle, simply measure the wrist's circumference with a tape measure or piece of string and a ruler. If the sterling silver bangles for women have a full circle that needs to slip over the hand, you need to measure the wrist and the hand at its widest point. To do this, hold out your hand with your fingers straight out and touch the tip of your little finger with your thumb. Doing this will make your hand as small as possible. Ideally, you will want to get someone else (it requires three hands!) to measure around the widest point (usually at the knuckles) to give you the circumference you need to get your hand through the bangle. If you have any questions about the correct measurements for ladies' silver bangles for large wrists or want to know the available sizes for our chunky sterling silver bangles? Please don't hesitate to contact Corazon Latino today.

You have Your Chunky Silver Bangle Wrist Measurements. What Now?

Now that you have your ladies' silver bangle measurements, narrow down your design choices and compare them against the diameters and recommended wrist sizes we provide for each of our handmade silver bangles. If in doubt, give us a shout.

Wear & Tear? Solid Silver Bangles: Polished or Textured?

A chunky silver bangle has a large flat surface; they tend to show scratches easily, so if you are planning to wear them every day, you may want to go for a hammered or textured finish that won't show wear and tear in the same way. If the worst happens, most jewellers can polish minor scratches for you for a reasonable price. If it is a women's silver bangle bracelet for a special occasion, the smooth silver bangles look stunning and can be kept scratch free by storing them separately in a special box.

Buy Chunky Silver Bangles Online with Confidence

You know what you're getting when you purchase a chunky silver bangle online from Corazon Latino. Every silver bangle is sent to the London Assay Office, where it is tested before being Hallmarked to guarantee it is solid, sterling silver. We provide weights and sizes, so there are no nasty surprises. To give you that added peace of mind, we also offer a no-quibble guarantee on all of our chunky silver bangles for women, so you can return anything that doesn't work for an exchange or refund.

Chunky Silver Bangles FAQs

Where can you buy sterling silver chunky bangles?

There are tons of places you can go to when it comes to buying women's sterling silver bangle bracelets. You can stop by stores or visit online marketplaces, but the latter is more convenient and offers more options. Corazon Latino is among those reputable stores you should go to if you look for quality and unique chunky sterling silver bangles online.

What is the cost of sterling silver bangles 925?

Our women's solid silver bangle pieces are handmade; they are not mass-produced. Rest assured that they come in silver bangles design not found anywhere else in the world, and chances would be slim that you end up with a thick silver bangle bracelet that looks exactly like the one you've bought from Corazon Latino. A high-quality handmade sterling silver bangle can range between £135 and £350.

How to clean silver bangles?

You can clean these chunky silver bangle pieces with a solution made of baking soda, kosher salt, and water, but the best way to keep their sheen is through a silver polish and silver polish cloth sold at Corazon Latino. We also have anti-tarnish strips that you can use on any women's silver bangle bracelets purchased from Corazon Latino. These can remove heavy tarnish. You can use a silver dip as a last resort, but it is not gentle on your silver.

How to make sterling silver bangles for women?

Corazon Latino's silver bangles for women are created by artisans and small workshops in Mexico, Thailand, Bali, India, Italy, Poland, and the UK. They are tested and hallmarked by the London Assay Office to guarantee sterling quality. Our chunky silver bangle pieces are solid silver. We also have some solid silver bangle pieces cast with a hollow core to ensure the weight is comfortable for wear. We have handmade silver bangle pieces wherein semi-precious gemstones, Baltic amber, and pearls are combined with the silver to come up with unique masterpieces.