All About Corazon Latino

Corazon Latino is a small family business. Just my sister Claire, my friend Earl and I, supported by an incredible group of people all over the world.

We started Corazon back in 2005 with just 20 designs, one Mexican silversmith, a beautiful girl we saw at a local gym as our model, and a determination to change the way jewellery was sold online.

Over the years, thanks to a loyal following around the world, the Corazon family has grown and grown.

We still work with our original model (who still looks fabulous despite 12 years and now being mother to a beautiful daughter), and the Mexican artisan who made our first 20 designs, but now we have over 250 designs, made exclusively for us in 8 different countries. We work directly with individual artisans and small workshops from Thailand to Tuscany, using Fairtrade principles to design and make our jewellery.

Despite being a bigger business these days, we still follow the same guiding principle: to give our customers the best quality, most unusual, handmade jewellery, and the most personal customer service possible.

12 years on, we still love what we do and we have a lot of fun doing it. We love working with such talented artisans and we love bringing a smile to the faces of our customers when they open their Corazon boxes.

Unusually for a predominantly women's silver jewellery website, over 75% of our customers are men. A few are buying for themselves (we do have some stunning cufflinks and chunky men's jewellery), but most are romantic & generous souls, looking for a perfect gift for the women in their lives (wives, girlfriends, daughters and even granddaughters). With that in mind, not only do we offer, great one on one advice and help choosing the perfect piece, we also offer gorgeous packaging, spectacular gift wrapping & an exceptionally fast order turnaround so every piece of Corazon jewellery looks great and arrives on time, even if you are one of those last minute men.

If you'd like to see what we're all about and what goes on behind the scenes at Corazon Latino, then check out our short 2 minute video or visit our Facebook page for more insights into the people and places behind Corazon Latino.

Who are the Corazon “Family”?

Without these wonderful people Corazon Latino would not exist. Each and every one plays an invaluable part in our success.

The ever reliable Earl, who spends every day making sure our customers get exactly what they ordered, in perfect condition, and beautifully presented. 

Terri Bird, the beautiful "body" of Corazon Latino. We thank her for her patience, dedication and wonderful skin.

Rony Dagohoy, who, despite salt water, sand, and blinding sunlight, has made our men’s jewellery range look fabulous.

Photographers Andy Atkinson & Paul Frederick Choingson, the men who bring our jewellery to life.

Steve Younger, the man who helped us turn an idea into reality and who continues to help us nurture the Corazon Latino brand with his beautiful graphic designs.

My sister Claire who toughed through the first 10 years with me and without whom we would not be around today.

Our wonderful artisans, too numerous to name individually, whose skill, creativity and attention to detail allow us to bring you such beautiful and unusual jewellery.

And me, founder, lover of all things sparkly, and the woman you'll talk to if you call.

Together, we are Corazon Latino.


Corazon Latino Ltd is registered in the UK at:

Unit 5, 4B Tyers Gate

Tel: 0330 808 0410

Registered in the UK: 09/02/2005

UK Registration number:5358665

VAT Registration number: GB 930 5197 31

Returns should be sent to:

Corazon Latino
Unit 5, 4B Tyers Gate

Please note that all photographs on the website are taken by us and are the sole property of Corazon Latino. They may not be used without permission for any commercial purpose. Any such use will be considered a breach of copywrite and subject to legal action. (We shouldn't have to say this but it seems that our photographs are so lovely people just can't help stealing them and adding their own jewellery. We invest a huge amount of time and money into our range and photography and this is not acceptable. Sorry)