Silver for Men

Silver For Men

Corazon Latino we offer an exclusive selection of handmade, limited edition silver jewellery for men. Every piece is tested and hallmarked sterling silver by the London Assay office. If you can see it online it's in stock, and we guarantee delivery within 3 working days.

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Buying jewellery for men is no easier than it is for women. So here are a few hints that might help you find the right piece for the man in your life.

Type - Compared to women's jewellery, silver jewellery for men is fairly limited. You have necklaces (or chains), bracelets and bangles. Take a look at what he wears and stick to the same type.

Style - Do you want something casual? In which case take a look at our necklaces, bracelets and bangles for men combining black leather and rubber with chunky silver highlights. Want something traditional? The take a look at our chunky oxidised silver chains, handmade for us in Thailand. Or something contemporary, then go with sterling silver and just choose the look that appeals.

Size - If you know a man's shirt size, then you know the circumference of his neck. A size 17 short means a 17 inch neck. Multiply by 2.54 and you have centimeters. You will need a minimum or 2 inches more chain than collar size for a comfortable, choker length fit. Any more than that and you start to get a draping chain and a different look.

For bracelets and bangles, you best bet is to measure either the wrist or another piece that he already owns and compare sizes as men's wrists in particular vary enormously.