Lyra Silver Necklace
Lyra Silver Necklace
Lyra silver choker, necklace set
Lyra silver earrings
Lyra silver bracelet

Lyra Silver Necklace

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A spectacular silver collar necklace designed to be worn wide across your collarbones. 3 rows of gently curved offset bars with a highly polished finish, closed with a clever invisible clasp.

To wear this necklace correctly, do not hang it from your neck, instead lay it across your collar bones with the same amount behind your neck as in front.
It cannot be worn as a draping necklace as it will not lie flat.

Buy it alone or add the matching bracelet or earrings below for a show-stopping set that will lift any outfit.

Vital Statistics
Weight: 103 g
Length: 45cm (18")
Width: 1.5cm

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