Lyra Silver Bracelet
Lyra Silver Bracelet
Lyra and mercury chunky silver bracelets
Lyra silver choker, necklace set
Lyra bracelet from above

Lyra Silver Bracelet

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A chunky silver bracelet designed to be worn alone or as part of our spectacular Lyra set. Buy it alone or combine it with the matching necklace or earrings below for a show-stopping set that will lift any outfit. 3 rows of gently curved, polished, thick silver bars with a hole in the centre, laid out in an offset design and closed with a clever invisible clasp.

Vital Statistics

Weight: 38 g
Inside Length: 17cm. Fits wrists up to 16cm around
Width: 1.5cm

Weight: 40 g
Inside Length: 18.5cm (7.3") Fits wrists up to 17.5cm around
Width: 1.5cm

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