Silver Polish

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A fabulous liquid polishing cream with a unique built in anti-tarnish formulation. Perfect for removing heavy tarnish in double quick time.

Simply pour a little onto a soft cloth (an old fashioned duster is ideal) and gently rub the silver to remove the tarnish. Buff to finish with a clean piece of the cloth.

If it's heavily tarnished, rinse with cold water, dry and polish again until all the tarnish is removed.

NOTE: This is ideal for smooth, flat pieces of silver. If you want to clean a chain, or a piece with holes that the polishing cream will get stuck in, we recommend using a polishing cloth, or as a last resort a silver dip. Dips chemically strip the tarnish and are not gentle on your silver, so should only be used rarely and when no other option is possible. To avoid the need for dips, store your jewellery with some of our anti-tarnish strips.

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