Persephone Knitted Silver Bracelet
Persephone Knitted Silver Bracelet
Persephone wide silver bracelet
Persephone knitted silver bracelet

Persephone Knitted Silver Bracelet

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This bracelet is absolutely amazing. Hand "knitted" in pure silver for us in Thailand, it looks stunning and feels amazing against your skin. Despte looking feather light, and feeling soft and slinky, the nature of the process used to create the mesh means that it has a rich heaviness to it and makes it considerably more hard wearing than you would imagine. It's finished with a lovely silver clasp covered with cast floral details. Wear it with the clasp down for a subtle, contemporary look or with the clasp showing for something more classical and ornate.

Vital Statistics
Weight 43g
Length tip to tip 18.5cm (Fits wrists up to & 18cm)
Width 4.5cm
Length of knitted section 13.5cm
Embossed silver clasp 5cm when closed