Electra silver necklace and flora ethnic bracelet
Flora handmade siver bracelet & necklace
Flora handmade siver bracelet

Electra Silver Necklace

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This breathtaking necklace is hand made for us by the hilltribe people of Northern Thailand using 99% pure silver (Sterling silver is 92.5% pure).

10 strands of handmade silver beads gathered together by a beautiful handmade silver flower. The detailing is exquisite!

It is a big piece, weighing in at 108 g. If you prefer something smaller we recommend our Flora Necklace (pictured)

Hilltribe silver is different from normal sterling silver. Unlike sterling silver, which is 92.5% silver, Hilltribe silver is over 99% pure. Because of this high level of purity, it is much softer than sterling silver which allows the hilltribe people to create these amazing flowers, berries and beads.

If you love hilltribe silver, why not complete the look with the Flora bracelet (pictured) and save 10% on both pieces.

Vital Statistics
Weight: 108 g
Length (to the central flower): 45 cm
Central flower: 4 cm
Drop below the flower: 18 cm.

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