Cordelia chunky silver rose pendant
Elara thick silver choker
Orbit slim silver choker
fine silver chain
Juno rubber lave

Cordelia Silver Rose Pendant

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A beautiful solid silver Rose pendant. This lovely sterling silver pendant is pretty enough to be feminine, but chunky enough to make a real statement. It also looks stunning hung on one of our silver chokers, a silver chain or for a more casual look, a black lace. Just choose which you prefer below.

Please note we deliberately oxidise the back of the pendant so some darker shadows show through to provide depth to the rose petals so the back and inner layers are not shiny silver.

Vital Statistics
Weight 14g
Width 4 cm
Length 4 cm

We have a batch of slight seconds (they are a lower weight with very slight visual imperfections), which are available at a lower price of £80. 

Weight 11 g
Width 4 cm
Length 4 cm

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