Ara handmade silver bangle and matching ring
Ara Lacy Silver Bangle
Ara lacey silver bangle
Ara unusual silver bangle
Ara contemporary silver ring
Ara lacy pendant necklace
Ara silver earrings

Ara Lacy Silver Bangle

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A delicate lacey design made using thick silver in a contemporary asymetric design. Fits wrists up to 18cm.

Matching ring, earrings and dainty necklace pictured. Create your own set from the matching pieces below.

*Please note, because of it's design, this is a delicate bangle. The size may be adjusted very gently for a perfect fit but repeated flexing will snap the silver. For guidance on how to adjust your bangle click here.

Vital Statistics
Weight: 30g
Tip to Tip: 16.5cm
Gap: 3cm

Fits wrist up to 18 cm around*

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