Andata crumpled silver bangles and ring
Andata Crumpled Silver Ring
Andata wide rippled silver bangle and ring
Andata crushed silver bangle and ring
Andata slim crumpled silver bangle
Andata crumpled silver pendant

Andata Crumpled Silver Ring

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A striking silver ring made using a technique developed in central Mexico which takes a fine sheet of sterling silver and compresses it to create a crumpled or rippled effect. The silver is then oxidised to highlight the texture and give it a contemporary finish. Each time the silver is crushed it ripples in different places, making each ring completely unique.

We have used this technique to create a range of gorgeous mix-and-match pieces (pictured here with our 2 rippled bangles). Why not create your own set by picking your own selection from the matching pieces below.

Available in the UK sizes K to T.

Vital Statistics
Weight: 7-8g
Width: 1.5cm (narrowing to 1cm underneath)
Thickness: 2.5mm

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