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Solid & Chunky Silver Bracelets Handmade Just For You

No matter what style of chunky silver bracelets you've looked at elsewhere, you'll see Corazon Latino something for everyone. We have a wide selection of pure and solid silver bracelets for women for sale online and delivered in high-end luxurious packaging that always pleases.  Dainty handmade silver bracelets, chunky silver bracelets, sparkling liquid silver chains, solid silver links, and polished silver beads. Every piece in our extensive collection is hallmarked sterling silver by the London Assay Office to guarantee its quality. Coupled with our no quibble money back guarantee and our fast delivery times, there are plenty of opportunities to find the ideal designer solid silver bracelet with Corazon Latino.

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Buy Chunky Silver Bracelets as a Gift

If you are looking for an idea for a present for that special loved one, Corazon Latino has an extensive range of sterling silver bracelets to choose from, with something for all tastes and budgets, all of which can make the perfect gift. We have many unique solid silver bracelets available, all are high-quality, unlike some of the mass-produced silver bracelets.

Guide to Choosing a Unique Ladies Silver Bracelet

What's her style? Fun and frivolous? Stylish and sophisticated? Does she like classic design, or something more contemporary? Here’s a description of a few unique designer silver bracelet styles you might like, but also please browse through our collection of silver bracelets for women:

Thick Solid Silver Bracelets

A heavier design of bracelet that is perfect for someone with larger wrists or those that like their sterling silver jewellery to make a statement. 

Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet

We have the perfect alternative to the standard style of solid silver charm bracelet with a thick chain and T-bar clasp. 

Pure Gold and Solid Silver Bracelets

For the perfect combination of both elegance and affordability you can go for pure gold and solid silver filled bracelets that would look stylish and sophisticated on anybody’s wrist.

Sterling Silver Bead Bracelet

The sterling silver bead bracelet, is the contemporary twist on "old skool" pearls. The solid silver bracelet beads are strung on a fine silver chain for a spin on a classic look. 

Solid Silver Hearts Bracelet

A pure and solid silver bracelet adorned with silver hearts, which can also act like a silver charm bracelet. What better way to tell that special person that you love them!

Handmade Silver Rope Bracelet

A handmade silver bracelet created with what looks like silver rope, with silver rings bound together and polished silver links. We have silver rope bracelets in a range of sizes and designs to suit most wrist sizes.

Silver Rings Bracelet

A very popular design of the silver ring bracelet chain, with silver Russian wedding rings forming the links, connected by silver hoops.

A Guide to the Size of a Solid Silver Bracelet

Here at Corazon Latino, we like to make it easy as possible to buy designer sterling silver bracelets in the UK, and throughout the world, so here are some tips to ensure that you get the correct size real solid silver bracelet. You can use a tape measure, a bit of string, or even some paper. Whatever you are using to measure, place it around the wrist below the bone, where the bracelet would usually be worn. Mark the paper or string and then measure with a ruler. If you want a snug fit then add ¼” to ½” (0.5 to 1cm) to the measured size, for a comfortable fit add an extra ¾” to 1” (1 to 2cm), and for a loose fit add 1” to 11/4”.(2 to 2.5cm) Alternatively, you can always measure an existing bracelet, lay the bracelet down flat and measure from the end of the bracelet to the top of the clasp. Be sure to adjust the length to reflect any difference in the width of the bracelet itself.

Buy Real Solid Silver Bracelets in the UK Online with Confidence

When you buy a solid sterling silver bracelet from Corazon Latino, you can buy in confidence knowing that all our products are tested by the London Assay Office to ensure their quality. We don't sell any mass-produced silver bracelets. We only purchase our products directly from the artisans, and most of our designs are unique to us. We also offer a no quibble money back guarantee, so if you're not 100% satisfied, just send it back. All our designs can be delivered within three working days anywhere in the world.

Solid Silver Bracelets FAQ's

Is sterling silver a good quality?

Sterling silver is the highest quality of silver used in modern jewellery. It means that 92.5% of the metal is pure silver. It is possible to get jewellery in a higher % silver. This may be hallmarked as Britannia silver, which is 85.84% silver or still hallmarked as Sterling but is in fact higher.

Are Pandora bracelets sterling silver?

Pandora have a number of different ranges. However, to ensure you are getting solid sterling silver bracelets always check for a certified hallmark. A simple 925 stamp is not a hallmark.

Can I shower with a sterling silver bracelet?

Yes. Sterling silver will not be affected my water and you can safely swim or shower in it. However, do be aware that chemicals in soaps, shower gels, perfumes may react with the silver and cause it to tarnish faster.

Are Tiffany bracelets solid silver?

Tiffany’s chunky silver bracelets are all made in sterling silver and hallmarked. However, because they are an American company, they do not have the same hallmarking system as the UK. They use the US system of marks and this means they only mark with the 925 symbols.