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Buying jewellery for men can be difficult, whether you’re a man looking for stylish accessories, or you’re buying for a loved one. That’s why Corazon Latino have launched a range of men’s silver jewelry that has the same elegant appeal as our women’s line. Crafted by artisans, our jewellery for men is made of the highest quality silver and comes beautifully presented, ready to give or enjoy yourself.

Corazon Latino make men’s silver jewelry to suit men who are modern and bold. Corazon is the Spanish word for heart and courage, and this is reflected in our range of strong, masculine styles. Browse our range and you’ll find many unique yet understated pieces which can be worn day to day, or saved for special days.

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Men's Silver Jewellery that Makes the Perfect Gift

It’s harder to choose jewellery for men than for women, and as a general rule, men tend to be less experimental with their style choices. When we created a range of men’s silver jewellery, we therefore stuck to classics and gave them a modern upgrade, so you can find a piece that suits them.

The great thing about buying men’s sterling silver jewellery as a gift is that it’s so personal. It’s not only women who love getting jewellery as a gift, our men’s silver jewellery shows that you care and they can think of you every time they wear it.

Some types of jewellery you might want to consider for the man in your life include:

At Corazon Latino, you can find these pieces and much more. Simply browse our range today.

Corazon Latino Offers Silver Jewellery for Men in Many Unique Styles

When you are looking for silver jewellery for men, you’ll no doubt be looking for a style that’s just right for the man in your life. At Corazon Latino, we offer men’s silver jewellery in the UK that has a stylish, exotic flair, with lots of unique designs to suit all sorts of men. 

The great thing about buying men’s designer silver jewellery from a small, boutique jeweller like Corazon Latino is that you know that the piece will be unique, and not something that lots of other men own. Our silver jewellery for men is made by artisans, rather than being mass produced, so each piece is special. When you’re looking for unique men’s silver jewellery, Corazon Latino is the place to find it.

Choose Silver Men’s Bracelets, Jewelry for the modern man

Corazon Latino offer a wide range of silver men’s bracelets, jewelry that is especially popular for giving as a gift, or for men to accessorise with their favourite outfits. If you are buying a men’s silver bracelet, it’s important to get the right size, so either measure a bracelet they already own or use a piece of string. 

There are a number of different styles of silver men’s bracelets. Jewelry styles that are popular with men include silver and leather bangles and chains, or you could opt for a men’s solid silver bangle, which has a clean, simple look. When you’re looking for men’s silver bangles or jewellery of other kinds, browse the range at Corazon Latino.

When buying Men’s Jewelry, Silver Chains are an Elegant Choice

Another style you may want to consider in men’s jewellery are silver chains. Many men don’t own a chain, but men’s silver chains are simple and elegant, and can be worn with lots of different looks. If you’re considering sterling silver jewelry, a men’s necklace can be an excellent choice. 

Sizing is important when buying a sterling silver jewelry men’s necklace. This is because you want it to be the right length for its style. For example, if you want to be able to wear it in a shorter or choker style, you should buy chains for men that are his shirt size plus a couple of inches. A thicker silver chub chain looks better when worn short.

You can also look for longer men’s jewelry silver chains if you like. A thinner curb chain can look good when worn at a longer length, so simply find his collar size in inches, then work out how long you’d like the necklace to drape. Our men’s jewellery silver chains are available in many different lengths.

Sterling Silver Jewellery for Men made to the highest standards

When you are looking for sterling silver jewellery for men, you want to know it’s made to the highest standards. That’s why you should buy from Corazon Latino. Our sterling silver men’s jewelry is made by artisans in Mexico and a handful of other locations, and is handcrafted, not mass produced. Buying men’s silver jewellery online can sometimes feel like a gamble, which is why it’s important to buy from an established jeweller such as Corazon Latino. When you’re looking for men’s silver jewelry UK, buying from us means you can be sure your item is genuine sterling silver and is made to last.

Buy Silver Men’s Jewellery and Find a Complementary Piece for Her

Corazon Latino don’t just create silver men’s jewelry, we also offer a range of sterling silver pieces for women too. If you’d like to find special pieces such as silver bracelets for women, browse our categories above and you can narrow down your selection. Many couples choose pieces of silver jewellery that complement each other for special occasions, such as silver bangles or necklaces, and this is easy to find at Corazon Latino.

Shop for Mens Sterling Silver Jewellery at Corazon Latino today

It’s easy to shop for men’s silver jewellery in the UK with Corazon Latino. We offer free delivery in the UK, and excellent customer service with easy returns. All of our products are solid sterling silver, so you can be sure of quality when you buy men’s sterling silver jewelry from us. Browse our range of sterling silver jewellery for men whenever you need something special.


What Silver Jewellery should a man wear?

When it comes to finding silver jewellery for men, there are no set rules. Some types of men’s sterling silver jewellery to consider include chains, rings or cufflinks. Some jewellery experts suggest that men should avoid wearing more than five pieces overall, including their watch, to avoid looking over-adorned.

What's the most popular piece of Silver Jewellery for Men?

Some of the most popular types of sterling silver men’s jewellery include basics like cufflinks and rings. However, it’s now becoming more common to wear men’s silver jewellery bracelets and necklaces, so these are also ideal as gifts for men of all ages.

What kind of Silver Jewelry do guys like?

If you’re looking for jewellery to give to a man as a gift, it’s important to think about his style. If he likes to keep things simple, then something like a men’s bracelet in a contemporary style could be a good way to get him used to wearing jewellery. If he’s into fashion and has a bold look, then a men’s chain necklace could be a good option.

What kind of Jewelry should men wear?

There are no rules about what pieces can be included in a men’s jewellery collection. Technically, they can wear exactly the same sort of items as women; rings, jewellery, necklaces, bracelets etc. However, men’s jewellery tends to be less elaborate in design. Silver men’s jewellery is usually more popular than gold, as it’s understated and classic.