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Liquid Silver Jewellery Find a Beautiful Liquid Silver Necklace, Bracelet or Earrings

If you are looking for a piece of jewellery that is delicate, beautiful and has a flowing quality, then take a look at our range of liquid silver jewellery. Made with hundreds, or even thousands, of tiny genuine silver beads, liquid silver jewellery is created by using lots of delicate strands, which give it a flowing effect. It can be difficult to find genuine liquid silver, which is why at Corazon Latino, we’ve created our own range that has been handcrafted by artisans for a spectacular finish. Browse our range online to see the different ways this technique can be used.

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Liquid Silver Jewelry created by Artisans

Like all the jewellery made at Corazon Latino, our liquid silver jewelry is crafted by expert silversmiths. Creating multi strands of liquid silver is time consuming, but it’s necessary to get the flowing, smooth look, which is why you need artisans to create these pieces. Once gathered together, these strands of liquid silver make a spectacular silver rope, which can then be styled in many ways.

Each Liquid Silver Necklace is Made from Many Delicate Strands

A liquid silver necklace is a great way to use this technique. Corazon Latino have a range of liquid silver necklaces for sale of different styles, both long and short, with many twisted and knotted designs that give a unique look.

When creating a liquid silver necklace, the amount of strands used in each design is key. A liquid silver necklace with 30 strands will give you a thicker look than a 20 strand liquid silver necklace, so the latter will be more delicate. A liquid silver waterfall necklace will use different strand lengths, which creates even more of a flow for a bold statement.

If you’d like something a little thicker than a liquid silver strand necklace, then look at our range of solid silver pendants, which are also beautifully crafted.

A Liquid Silver Bracelet is a Beautiful Gift

Need a gift for her that’s simple and elegant? Try a liquid silver bracelet. Each liquid silver jewelry bracelet is made in the same way as our necklaces, with lots of delicate strands creating a stylish finish.

Corazon Latino have a selection of bracelets made in different styles. You can choose a liquid silver jewelry bracelet with 20 or 30 strands, and opt for a plain silver, or one adorned with ‘dewdrops’, small round beads. Whatever kind of liquid silver bracelet you are looking for, you are likely to find it in our collection.

Liquid Silver Earrings are Perfect for Party Wear

From a little black dress to a jumper, there are lots of outfits that are perfect pairings with liquid silver earrings. The dainty, individual strands are ideal for making liquid silver dangle earrings, and the more strands, the bolder the style statement.

Liquid silver earrings are also amazing as a gift, as they are simple yet beautiful, and something the recipient is bound to wear many times. At Corazon Latino, you’ll find a selection of liquid silver earrings for sale, each one made with genuine silver beads for a luxe look. Beautifully presented, they are a thoughtful gift for all sorts of women.

Match Liquid Silver Jewellery for Perfect Pairings

For those special occasions, why not wear more than one piece of liquid silver? Pair one of our necklaces with a matching bracelet for an elegant style, or match bracelets and earrings, all crafted in quality sterling silver for a beautiful finish.

Our liquid silver pieces also coordinate well with other silver jewellery items from our range. From simple silver bangles to chunky silver jewellery designs, it’s easy to find pieces that work together. Silver never goes out of style and so these are pieces you’ll want to hold on to.

Liquid Silver Jewellery from a trusted UK retailer

When you’re buying jewellery online, you need to be sure it’s from a jeweller you can trust. Corazon Latino are a UK-based jeweller and use only genuine sterling silver in our designs. Check out our reviews and you’ll see we have lots of customers who are happy with the jewellery made by our artisans.

Find your perfect Liquid Silver Jewellery piece today

It’s easy to buy one of our pieces of liquid silver jewellery. Simply browse and choose your favourite online, then order and receive free shipping in the UK. You’ll no doubt be delighted with the quality and elegance of the jewellery made by Corazon Latino.



What is liquid silver jewellery?

Liquid silver jewellery is made from thousands of tiny liquid silver beads, which when threaded together, have a flowing look. Hence why they are compared to liquid, despite being made in solid silver. From these beads a strand of liquid silver is made, and multiple strands are either hung together or twisted for a unique effect

How do you polish a liquid silver necklace?

Items such as liquid silver necklaces, bracelets and earrings can be cleaned with any product that is suitable for cleaning silver jewelry. For best results, try using a silver dip, which is ideal for jewellery that has an unusual shape. Follow the instructions, and once the item is clean, give it a wipe with a silver cloth for a polished shine.

How much does liquid silver jewellery cost?

The cost of liquid silver jewelry will vary depending on the size of the piece and how many strands are used. A liquid silver waterfall necklace with many strands will tend to cost more than a shorter necklace with fewer strands, as less silver is used.

How is liquid silver jewellery made?

Liquid silver jewellery is made of silver heishi, tiny flat silver beads. They are threaded onto very fine thread, which creates thin, flexible strands that resemble a liquid. Dozens of these strands can be gathered together to create a strand necklace, bracelet or earrings, and they can hang straight or be knotted together.