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A Lovely Range of Silver Jewellery Perfect for the 18th and 21st Birthday Celebrants

Landmark birthdays such as an 18th or 21st deserve a special gift, which is why Corazon Latino has carefully selected a range of 18th and 21st birthday jewellery that the recipient will treasure. Whether it’s a daughter, niece or friend who is turning 18 or 21, the right gift is essential to make it an occasion to remember. Browse our range and find the perfect unique present, and have it sent in the UK or across the world.

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A 21st or 18th Birthday Gift is Something They’ll Always Treasure

Over your lifetime, you will hopefully get lots of gifts, but it’s the things you get for your landmark birthdays that you always remember. Whether it’s a 21st or 18th birthday gift, they will no doubt want something they can keep for a long time, so a bunch of flowers just won’t cut it. Jewellery is perfect for an 18th or 21st birthday gift, and at Corazon Latino, we source classic pieces that are created to last for life. 

If you’re shopping for a last-minute 18th birthday gift, yet still want something sentimental, then Corazon Latino is the perfect place to shop. We dispatch your order quickly, so if you’re in the UK, you’ll usually get it within 3 working days, ready for their special day.

Shop for 21st Birthday Jewellery from Corazon Latino

In many cultures, the traditional gift for a woman’s 21st is a pearl necklace. However, not everyone suits or likes pearls, so at Corazon Latino, we’ve put together a selection of more modern 21st birthday jewellery. Opting for sterling silver means the jewellery you buy will be of a high quality, and it’s something that’s more classic than rose gold, so they can wear the item a lot in the years ahead.

If you want some 21st birthday gift ideas that have the same sort of style as pearls, consider our liquid silver range. Made from individual strands of silver beads, they are the perfect gift for someone who has just turned 21, without the stuffiness of pearls.

18th Birthday Jewellery is a Timeless Gift

There are no particular traditions around the 18th birthday present like there are with the 21st, but 18th birthday jewellery is one of the most popular choices. It symbolises the birthday girl becoming an adult and gives them something sentimental to remember the occasion. Corazon Latino has lots of 18th birthday present ideas that they will love.

Some things you might want to look for when choosing 18th birthday jewellery are simple, classic designs that’ll last a lifetime. A good 18th birthday present would be one of our silver rings, which they could wear every day or save for special occasions. You can even create more personalised gifts by adding an engraving on their jewellery, perhaps with their date of birth or the date of their 18th.

Pick an 18th or 21st Birthday Present that’s Handcrafted and Unique

Corazon Latino have curated a small range of high-quality jewellery that has been handcrafted by artisans. This means, when you choose an 18th or 21st birthday present from our website, it’s not made in a factory, but by craftspeople from Mexico, Thailand, or a small selection of other countries where we source our jewellery. 

You can be sure that when you buy a piece of jewellery for a 21st birthday present from us, that it won’t be something they already own, or something another relative has bought them. These birthday gifts are unique and beautiful, and perfect when you need something especially sentimental for a landmark birthday.

At Corazon Latino, it’s easy to find lots of 18th and 21st birthday present ideas on our site. Whether you need a 21st or 18th birthday present, you can shop our range of handcrafted, artisanal silver jewellery, and we even offer a gift wrapping service to save you time and make sure it’s ready to gift to your loved one on their special day.



An 18th birthday present should be something special that they can treasure for years to come. That’s why sentimental gifts such as silver jewellery are such popular choices. A gift such as silver earrings will never go out of style and will always remind the recipient of their special birthday.


In many cultures, the 21st is a landmark birthday, so opt for a gift that’ll mark their adulthood and something that will be sentimental to them. For example, handmade silver jewellery can be an excellent choice, as they can wear these pieces on special occasions, and it’ll be a nice way to mark their 21st.


If you’re looking for 21st or 18th birthday gift ideas, then consider gifting something that’ll be sentimental and special. These are landmark birthdays, so gifts like jewellery like necklaces or a charm bracelet are perfect, as they will no doubt be treasured. You could even add an engraving to create a personalised 21st birthday or 18th birthday gift for them.


When you’re buying an 18th or 21st birthday gift, quality is important, and you’ll no doubt want something unique too. That’s why you should shop in smaller jewellery boutiques, as you can be sure nobody will give them the same thing, and your gift will be all the more special.