Themis Chunky Silver Ring


Another chunky, solid silver ring for girls who like their jewellery to make a statement, and a great alterntaive that find the Pandora ring too wide.

Big and bold, with flowing lines and deep curves, this ring is lovely alone, but also sits well with the Pandora bangle. Because it has a slim underside, it is great for those with smaller/shorter fingers who find the Pandora ring too wide underneath.

For those that prefer something slimmer, it also looks lovely with our slim, twisted Alhena bangle (pictured). Combine it with either bangle or the Pan necklace and save 10% on everything.

Available in 4 sizes covering UK sizes K-R (US 6-9).

Vital Statistics
Weight 12g
Width 2-2.3 cm
Depth 1-5 mm

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