Swelter Silver Bracelet


We came across up-and-coming Surrey based designer Kirsten Hendrich last year.

We were so impressed with her unique style that we asked her to create some special pieces for our range.

This bracelet is handmade for us based on her super modern swelter link.

Each link is hand made using extreme heat to createn a molten finish. Here she's bound 2 simple swelter chains together for maximum impact.

Wear it alone or combine it with the long eroded necklace from the same range. Buy both and save 10% on the individual prices.

Vital Statistics
Weight 22 g
Length adjustable up to 20.5 cm
Fits any size wrists up to 20 cm
Width 3cm

If you prefer a smaller, lighter weight piece, you can commission a piece direct from Kirsten, or try one of her standard pieces available through her website.