Sirona Keshi Pearl Necklace


Keshi pearls (also called reborn, cornflake pearls or poppy seed pearls) occur when cultured oysters "spit out" the nucleus implanted by the pearl growers as the base for a cultured pearl. Without having that central core, the oyster creates a flat, irregular shaped pearl of pure nacre.

Because they are pure nacre, keshi pearls have an amazing lustre and shine.

They occur in 3 natural colours: cream, champagne and silver grey.

We have managed to get hold of limited quantities of Keshi pearls and have had them made into a range of stunning necklaces. Keshi pearls are extremely rare, and this particular shape and colour is no longer to be found, so once these last few necklaces are gone, they will never be repeated.

As with all Keshi pearls, every one is unique so every necklace is slightly different.

This necklace is made up of a single strand of rare irregularly shaped Keshi pearls in a shade of soft shimmering heather pink. Terri is pictured in the cream version which is now sold out

The necklace is hand strung on a double string and knotted between each pearl for a perfect result. It is finished with a chunky sterling silver clasp.

Vital Statistics
Weight: 53g
Length: 50cm
Width: 2.3cm
Depth: 0.5cm
Sterling silver clasp

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