Psyche Keshi Pearl Necklace

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Keshi pearls (also called reborn, cornflake pearls or poppy seed pearls) are created when the oyster "spits out" the implanted nucleus used by pearl growers as the base for a normal cultured pearl. Without having a core to build upon, the oyster goes on to create a flat, irregular shaped pearl of pure nacre.

Because Keshi pearls are pure nacre, they have an amazing lustre to them, shimmering far more than the most perfect round cultured freshwater pearl.

Keshi pearls are also now extremely rare. Orginally a by-product of freshwater pearl farming, these days technology allows pearl growers to see which rebel oysters have spat out their nucleus and reintroduce it. As a result, less and less Keshi pearls are being allowed to grow.

We have managed to get hold of limited quantities of Keshi pearls and have had them made into a range of stunning necklaces.

As with all Keshi pearls, every one is unique so every necklace is slightly different.

This silver grey design is super versatile. It is one single 100cm long strand finished with a clever oval clasp so you can wear it multiple ways. Wear it long as a single strand, fold it in half and twist it into a thick "cable" or create 2 strands of different lengths simply by moving the clasp.

Vital Statistics
Weight: 82g
Length: 100cm
Thickness: 1.5cm
Sterling silver invisible oval clasp.