Minerva Silver Bangle


This pretty silver bangle is cast and hand finished in a classic twisted pattern to resemble a torc.

Great as a 21st or 18th birthday present.

Please note that this bangle is made from solid sterling silver, rather than cheaper silver plate, but because it's cast, it has a hollow core which makes it slightly lighter than many of our other designs. It is still very robust but would ideally suit a more petite build or those who don't want to be weighed down by heavy jewellery.

Pictured with the pretty Eris hinged bangle & heavyweight Damara twist.

Vital Statistics
Weight 18 g
Thickness 0.8cm
Diameter 6.5cm
Inner circumference 20.4cm (the size of ring you need to get your hand through)
Fits wrists up to 19cm

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