Mercury Chunky Silver Necklace


A spectacular necklace of clever interlocking links finished with a decorative sliding square clasp with safety catch.

The shape of the links means it is designed to be worn flat and wide on the shoulders like a collar (as pictured) rather than draped like a normal necklace. perfect for wide or off the shoulder necklines. Please note that if you try and drape it, it will no longer lie flat.

Each link is cleverly engineered with a hollow core so you get maximum impact without excessive weight. However this is still a very chunky necklace, weighing in just under 200g of silver.

Vital Statistics
Weight: 196 g
Length: 19" / 48cm (designed to be worn wide on the neck)
Width: 1.8cm
Thickness: 0.5cm
Clasp: 2x2cm

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