Epona Silver "O" Bangle


A striking sterling silver bangle, handmade for us in Mexico.

This lovely bangle is made in 2 halves in a handmade mould which allows us to create a thick, sturdy bangle with a narrow hollow core which makes it a comfortable weight to wear while still having a nice chunky feel. It is by no means light or flimsy. It also means it is thick enough silver that it can be hand engraved with your own personal message.

For information about our recommended hand engraver click here.

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Vital Statistics
Weight 42g
Width: 1.1 cm - 1.4 cm wide
Thickness: 0.6 cm - 0.9 cm thick
Internal width of the hole: 6.3 cm
Internal height of the hole: 5.5 cm
Fits wrist up to 6 cm wide x 5.2 cm deep*

*Please bear in mind that if you have large hands you may not be able to squeeze in! To check this, tuck your thumb in against your palm then measure around the widest point of your hand. If the widest point is less than 21.5cm (8.5") you should be able to squeeze through.

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