Diadem Silver Necklace

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The Karen Hilltribe people live in the hills of Northern Thailand in communities that have changed little in the past 100 years.

One of the many beautiful handicrafts they produce is handmade silver jewellery.

Because of their more simple way of life, Karen silver is much purer (at 99%) than sterling silver (at 92.5%). It is also softer and more flexible, allowing them to make their lovely botanically inspired beads.

For this necklace we use silver tubes to create 18 little cages which are then linked together by clusters of 4 silver flowers. Because the cages are so firm, this heavyweight necklace does not drape like a chain, but rather sits like a collar against your collarbones.

Pictured with the matching bracelet. Buy both and save 10%.

NOTE: We have one pair of matching earrings also available. Contact us for details.

Vital Statistics
Weight: 97g
Length: 47cm
Diameter of each silver cage 1.5cm
Hammered T-Bar Clasp