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Women's Chunky Silver Necklace Options

If you're looking for a beautiful chunky silver necklace for your friend, family, or another half. In that case, Corazon Latino has a wide selection of high-quality solid sterling silver necklaces to choose from. Artisans handcraft all our women's silver necklaces we have worked with for years and are hallmarked by the London assay office. We hold stock in the UK, so when you order your women's sterling silver necklace, we can get it to you in three working days or less, with or without gift wrapping. So whether you want a chunky silver chain necklace or a dainty ladies' sterling silver necklace, look no further than Corazon Latino and our exclusive range of women's sterling silver necklaces.

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New Chunky Silver Necklaces and Women's Solid Silver Necklace Designs

We have a selection of sterling silver chunky chain necklace styles and pendant style necklaces available, with something for all tastes and budgets. If you're looking for an elegant silver pendant necklace or a thicker, chunky silver necklace for women, we have lots of different styles to choose from. All of our women's thick silver chain designs are handmade, and everything is hallmarked genuine sterling silver.

Buy her Beautiful Women's Solid Silver Choker Necklace from us Online.

Another classic choice is a solid silver choker necklace. This close-fitting women's thick silver chain looks great with off the shoulder dresses. We are confident that when you buy one of our silver necklaces for women, it’ll be a hit, but just in case, we also offer a no-quibble money-back guarantee on every piece we sell. So, if you are not 100% satisfied with your women's sterling silver necklace purchase, you can send it back for an exchange or refund. Combine our sublime unusual chunky necklaces with our old-fashioned customer service and fast delivery, and you won’t find a more accessible place to shop for that high-quality chunky silver chain she always wanted. 

Handmade Silver Circle Necklace & Liquid Silver Necklaces for Women

We also have a wide selection of liquid silver necklaces. Liquid silver comprises multiple strands of slim silver beads strung on strong silk threads. This gives these highly unique ladies' sterling silver necklaces a shimmering liquid appearance. Our liquid silver is also available in silver bracelets and earrings, allowing you to create your own fantastic set. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about our unique collection of liquid sterling silver chains for women relating to sizes and the different styles available. 

Buy a Sterling Silver Necklace Chain From a Quality Jewellers

Whether you're looking to buy a women's silver necklace, a string of solid silver beads, or a women's chunky silver necklace, choosing to buy from Corazon Latino means you can get high-quality pieces delivered fast and backed by our money-back guarantee. Buying a chunky silver necklace from a reputable UK based online jeweller gives you the peace of mind that you can get your long sterling silver necklace with no compromises and no surprises. If you want a gift for that woman in your life, we're a great place to start with women's sterling silver necklaces from Corazon Latino. 

Questions About Our Chunky Sterling Silver Necklaces? Contact Corazon Latino Today! 

If you have any questions about any of the chunky sterling silver necklace products on our website, our delivery service or our money-back guarantee, get in touch with us today. You can hop on the live chat, click here to use our online contact form or email us at solidsilver@corazonlatino.com. Alternatively, if you prefer to talk to a human, call us directly on 0330 808 0410, and we’ll be happy to answer any of your women's sterling silver necklace questions. For a real solid silver necklace for that special lady in your life, look no further than Corazon Latino.

Silver Necklaces FAQs

Can you take a shower with a silver necklace?

Yes, you can shower with a solid silver necklace or solid silver chain. Silver is not affected by water at all, but do be aware that the chemicals in soaps and shower gels may cause the silver to tarnish and lose its shine faster than average, but this can easily be polished off your women's sterling silver necklace with a quick buff with a silver polishing cloth.

How much should I pay for a women's silver chain necklace?

Several factors impact the price of a sterling silver necklace—firstly, weight. Silver is a precious metal with a market price per ounce. So, the heavier the silver necklace chain for women, the more silver there is and the more expensive it will be—secondly, labour. The price will vary depending on the complexity of the chunky silver chain design and the number of hours it takes to make it. So simple silver chains for women pieces should be cheaper than more complex ones, and mass-produced, machine-made ones will be much cheaper than handmade women's thick silver chain pieces where an artisan will take hours to make a single piece. The third factor is the trickiest one. Mark up. This is the retailer's amount they can or should charge for each women's silver necklace. This will be higher if they are a big-name brand with fashion or celebrity cred or have shops with expensive rents and staff to pay. Here at Corazon Latino, we don't consider ourselves the cheapest or most costly. Still, we do feel that we offer something unique, from unusual chunky solid silver necklaces to one-of-a-kind sterling silver chains for women who make unforgettable gifts.

What is the best silver necklace to buy?

All silver sold in the UK, over 7.8g, must by law be tested and hallmarked by a certified assay office. The basic 925 stamp you see is no guarantee that the silver chain for women you purchased is genuine. The artisan or factory adds it, and the silver has not been tested to prove that it is silver. The UK assay offices test every women's silver necklace sent to them and mark it as either Sterling Silver (a lion and a 925) or the much less common Britannia Silver (Britannia on a throne and 950) along with the maker's mark and their assay office mark. Some cheaper women's chunky silver necklaces are silver-plated, a thin layer of silver over a cheap base metal like brass or steel. This is not Sterling silver and will, over time, rub off. Always look for the hallmark when purchasing genuine ladies' sterling silver necklaces.

Are Tiffany necklaces real silver?

Tiffany guarantees all their sterling silver chains for women to be 925 silver and have all the pieces hallmarked. Silver higher than Sterling’s 92.5% is softer and more pliable and tends to have a less polished finish than the fantastic collection of women's solid silver necklaces at Corazon Latino.