Capella Silver Bangle Bracelet


This smooth silver bangle looks great against a tan and can be worn with anything from a little black dress to a bikini and is now available in three sizes to fit wrists from 14 to 20cm around.

Lovely with our Pan necklace, or doubled up with the hammered Jupiter, or twin Castor bangle (all pictured). Also pictured with the Mobia wide silver ring.

Vital Statistics
Weight: 25g 
Length tip to tip: 16m
Width 3.5cm

Gap: 3cm
Fits Wrists 14-17cm

Weight: 27g 
Length tip to tip: 18m
Width 3.5cm

Gap: 3cm
Fits Wrists 17-19cm

Weight: 36g 
Length tip to tip: 18m
Width 4.3cm

Gap: 3.5cm
Fits Wrists 18-20cm

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