Caliban Baltic Amber Pendant


Large handmade stirling silver pendant set with genuine Baltic amber.

Handmade for us in Poland using amber combed from the shores of the Baltic Sea and sterling silver, the amber varies in colour from palest honey to deep cognac, and because each amber cabochon is a different size and shape, every pendant is unique.

Just a few left, so to give you the ultimate choice, we've taken a simple amateur photo in normal light,with no retouching, and numbered each pendant so you can see exactly what the options are and choose for yourself. Just give us a call or hop on the chat and tell us which one you want.

Colours Available

Honey (1 - 7): The most common colour for Amber. Colours range from pure clear honey to deep cognac brown, with variations in each piece depending on the amount of air bubbles, natural sun spangles, and plant debris inside

Green (8): Smaller than the others because  it is much rarer and tends to only be found in smaller pieces. This is a soft clear, khaki green.

These beautiful pendants look fabulous on our Orbit silver choker, a velvet ribbon or a simple silver chain (add any of these from the matching pieces selection). 

For more information about amber, check out our blog post.

For more information about our Amber check our our amber blog.

Vital Statistics

Weight: Between 13 and 15g
Length: Between 6 and 7.5cm
Width: Between 4 and 5.5cm

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