Borealis Ice Jewelled Bangle



A stunning jewel-encrusted bangle with optional matching ring (pictured)

This curved silver bangle is set with 49 semi-precious stones (Amethysts, Zircons, Blue Topaz and Peridot) in the 5 classic cuts: round, oval, heartshaped, marquise and trillion.

Perfect for fair skin and those who suit cooler colours

Complete the look with the matching ring (available in UK sizes K to R) and save over £40 on the pair or mix and match with our other beautiful gemstone necklace.

Vital Statistics

Weight 34g
Width 1.7cm narrowing to 1.2cm at the tips
Length from tip to tip 18.5cm
Opening 3cm
Fits wrists up to 19cm*

* Please do not open and close this bangle taking it on and off. The stones are traditionally set without any form of adhesive to ensure maximum light refraction through the stones. Any flexing of the bangle will cause the stones to fall out.