The hunt for Theresa May's necklace

Over the past few months we have been contacted again and again by our customers asking if Theresa May is wearing one of our necklaces. The short answer is no BUT we understand the confusion.

Theresa May's Necklace

Theresa May wearing her Amanda Wakeley Silver Plated Necklace (Photo credit The Sun Newspaper Online)

Theresa May's necklace is a stunning design by Amanda Wakeley It is a beautiful necklace, extremely well made and will look and feel fabulous but it is not Silver (and nor, quite rightly, do they claim it to be). It is made from brass which is then silver plated (a process which bonds a very thin layer of silver to a base metal). This makes is much cheaper than Silver, so you can snap one up for £245.

We don’t sell silver plated jewellery. All of our necklaces are sterling silver. To be called “Sterling Silver” by law, the piece has to be made from an alloy that is 925 parts per 1000 pure silver (the other 75 are other metals mixed with the silver to give it strength) and it has to be tested and hallmarked by an independent assay office to prove it.

The advantage of silver plated jewellery is they are usually lighter (because the metals used under the silver are lighter) and it is much cheaper because there is only a tiny % of silver involved. But it looks like silver because the outside layer is real silver. The only downside of plated jewellery is that the silver layer is very thin, and over time, with a lot of wear the silver plate will rub off and it will need to be sent off to a specialist to be replated in either silver or Rhodium (which doesn't tarnish like silver).

If you don’t want silver plated, and are looking for something similar in sterling silver then we do have a couple of pieces that would work BUT of course, being silver rather than plated they are a lot more expensive. However they will also maintain an intrinsic value based on the weight of silver alone, which costume jewellery made from base metals and plate will not, and they will never need to be retreated other than given a quick polish to keep the silver looking shiny.

First up we have the Brigantia Sterling Silver Neckace. This is on a scale with Theresa’s necklace but to keep the price and weight reasonable (Brass is around 20% lighter than silver), we have created each thick link with a hollow core, which makes it light for it’s size (but my no means flimsy) and much easier to wear.

Brigantia Sterling Silver Necklace

Brigantia Sterling Silver Necklace

With a slightly smaller link, but solid silver without the hollow core, we have the Damona Chunky Silver Necklace which is a spectacular piece which is guaranteed to make a statement.

Damona sterling silver necklace

Damona sterling silver necklace

If you need any help choosing the right piece for you or the lady in your life, please give us a call, drop us an email to or hop on the live chat when we're around and we'll be delighted to help.

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