At Corazon Latino, our raison d'etre is to provide a risk free solution for men looking for something special for the ladies in their lives.

Obviously we think handmade silver jewellery is the perfect choice, but we also understand that that is suitable for every woman or every occasion and there are only so many bracelets and bangles you can buy, so we are always on the lookout for other ideas for romantic gifts for women.

Recently we stumbled across the guys at The Great British Florist and thought they were a lovely alternative to our jewellery. Not only are they are lovely people who share our passion for good old fashioned customer service, but they also have flowers that a little bit different from your standard florist or interflora delivery.

Did you know that only 10% of flowers sold in Britain are grown here? (we didn't). The rest are driven across from Europe or flown in from further afield. They are either specifically engineered, long lasting varieties, or, to prolong their life, the stamens are removed from the flowers before shipping which also removes their scent. That why you get those long stemmed roses from Kenya which look lovely but don't smell at all (and what's the point of a rose without the gorgeous fragrance?)

By sourcing 100% British, the guys at the Great British Florist have a constantly changing, year round supply of flowers, including native wild flowers. This means you get some really unusual blooms, and you get flowers that are fresh, scented, natural and sustainable. Flowers that are picked and prepared locally, that are guaranteed to last for at least 7 days and which can be delivered next day if you order before 5pm.

By buying British Flowers, not only are you sending something a little bit different, you are also supporting British Wildlife and biodiversity. Rather than the large scale production of many overseas flower farms, the Great British Florist's farm is a mixed family enterprise. They have both arable crops and animals with crops ranging from grass seed, through to wheat, barley, peas, and sunflowers, and well as a herd of cattle, a couple of pigs, and some very free range chickens… They have a huge network of native hedges as well as wildflower meadows and strips, ponds and woodland.

With dainty posies starting at £25, and bouquets from £40 to £70 as well as the option to "supersize" any selection by adding 35% more flowers for a minimal additional cost, the options are endless. They will even supply huge buckets of freshly picked flowers for you to arrange yourself for a wedding or event.

We tried the hand-tied British Posy at £35. It arrived beautifully boxed, complete with a lovely gift card. There were all sorts of unusual flowers and the scent was amazing. One week on it is still going strong.


Close up


As a family business they are there to talk to you about the flowers in season and help you create the perfect selection so if you're looking for something a little different, something quintessentially British then why not give them a try.

To order your British bouquet or posy with a special introductory 10% discount, visit The Great British Florist and quote voucher code GBFGREETING.