Dara Silver Oak Leaf Bangle


This beautiful bangle is hand made by the hilltribe people of Northern Thailand using 99% pure silver.

The pureness of the silver gives it a beautiful, almost matt, satin sheen, and makes it soft enough to mould to your wrist.

Unlike sterling silver which is 92.5% pure silver, Hilltribe silver is over 99% pure. Because of this high level of purity it is much softer than sterling silver, and has a different texture. It never has the mirror shine commonly associated with sterling silver, instead having a beautiful satin sheen and a warmer colour.

Please bear in mind that the hand polishing process on pure silver leaves fine scratches, this textured finish is part of the design.

Vital Statistics
Weight 56 g
Length tip to tip 19 cm
Bracelet opening 2 cm
Fits wrists between 15 & 20 cm around
Width 6 cm

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