Apollo Baltic Amber Pendant

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Gorgeous, handmade, swirling silver pendant set with natural Baltic amber.

Each piece of amber is combed from the seashore of the Baltic and set in a swirling silver cage to complement the shape and colour of the amber.

Colours Available
Honey: The most common colour for Amber. Colours range from pure clear honey to deep cognac brown, with variations in each piece depending on the amount of air bubbles, natural sun spangles, and plant debris inside.

Milky: This rarer amber has hundreds of thousands of air bubbles inside, making it opaque with colours ranging from pale cream to butterscotch, often with some marbling across the piece.

Forest Green: This is the rarest of all Baltic ambers, and not the same as the artificially created sparking green you see set in multicoloured amber jewellery. Pieces of this amber vary between transparent pale lime green and a deep sparkling forest green created from palest golden amber imbedded with prehistoric plant matter. Pieces in this colour are extremely rare and valuable, so the amber tends to be smaller, and numbers are limited.

These beautiful pendants look fabulous on our Orbit silver choker, a silver chain, black lace (pictured but not included). Add any of these from the matching pieces selection and save 10%. Or buy a length of ribbon to compliment the amber and match a particular outfit..

For more information about our Amber check out our amber blog.

Vital Statistics

Weight: Between 12 and 15g
Length: Between 5 and 6cm
Width: Between 4 and 5.5cm

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