Annan Seaglass Cufflinks


These unusual cufflinks are British through and through.

Hundred plus year old glass fragments that have been polished by the action of the waves and washed onto the seashore are combed from beaches on the coast of County Durham by seaglass expert Joan Laverick. these Seaglass pebbles are then hand set into sterling silver for us in Cornwall by the guys that make our gorgeous hardwood cufflinks.

The silver is brushed to give a matt finish that complements the frosted finish of the seaglass.

Each piece of glass has its own unique colour and texture, and each cufflink is handmade around the seaglass pebble, so colours and shapes are irregular, and every pair is completely unique.

Available in 4 colour ranges to suit any shirt:

Aquamarine - The seaglass ranges from pale apple to a rich deep sea green. Lovely against white or pale green shirts.

Ice - Clear glass, eroded and worn by the sea to create pale grey, frosted nuggets. Stylish against a charcoal grey or black shirt or a white shirt with a dark suit>

Cream - These are a frosted, warm cream which look fantastic against a blue or brown shirt.

Midnight Blue - The rarest colour of seaglass, originally Victorian poison bottles, now eye catching against a blue or white shirt.

Vital Statistics

Weight: 12g
Widths range from 1-1.5cm
lengths range from 1.2-2cm
4-12mm thick

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