Andata Wide Crumpled Bangle & Ring


This striking contemporary bangle and ring set is made from a fine sheet of sterling silver that is compressed to create a crumpled surface which is then oxidised to add a gun metal shadow in the dips of the ripples. Because the silver crumples differently every time it's compressed, every piece is unique.

This set combines the wide version of our Andata bangle. The ring is available in 5 sizes covering the UK's most popular 10 ring sizes.

If you love the look, you can also buy the matching pendant or slim Andata bangle from our matching pieces section (just click the button below)

Vital Statistics
Weight 28 g
Width 3.5 cm narrowing to 3 cm at the tips
Thickness 3 mm
Length from tip to tip 19.5 cm
Opening 3 cm
Fits wrists up to 21 cm


Width 1.5cm (narrowing to 1cm underneath)
Thickness 2.5mm