Altair Silver Soulmate Ring


A lovely handmade silver ring, cleverly combining an inner and outer section to create two interlocking rings that spin around each other.

Inspired by our romantic vision of that perfect soulmate, our soulmate rings look fabulous and are wonderful stress relievers (if you don't find yourself fiddling with them, we'll eat our hats!).

Each chunky ring has a different central section. Altair is the daintiest style with a pretty faceted diamond finish on the spinning section.

Terri's also wearing the more ornate Artemis ring.
If you love the style, we also have the hammered Altair and the more geometric Amalthea so why not wear a pair.
Buy any 2 and save 10% of both.

Available in UK sizes from K to V (sizes S-V currently out of stock) making it perfect for almost any finger and any hand.

Vital Statistics
Weight 8g
Width 0.8cm

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