Alhena Twisted Silver Bangle


A silm solid silver "bar" twisted gently and formed into a full circle to create a contempory bangle, perfect for everyday wear.

It may be slim, but it's still chunky. weighing in at 38g of sterling silver

Pictured with our Themis chunky silver ring. It also looks lovely with the simpler Mobia ring

Vital Statistics

Weight: 33g
Internal Diameter: 6.5cm
Internal Circumference: 20.4cm
Width: 1.5cm
Thickness : 4.4-5mm
Fits wrist up to 18.4cm around*

Weight: 35g
Internal Diameter: 7cm
Internal Circumference: 22cm
Thickness : 4.4-5mm
Fits wrist up to 20cm around*

*To be sure your hand can fit through the bangle, tuck your thumb under and measure across the widest part of your hand (usually across the knuckles). Max size (large size) 6.8cm across (21cm around).

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