• The hunt for Theresa May's necklace

    Over the past few months we have been contacted again and again by our customers asking if Theresa May is wearing one of our necklaces. The short answer is no BUT we understand the confusion.

    Theresa May's Necklace Theresa May wearing her Amanda Wakeley Silver Plated Necklace (Photo credit The Sun Newspaper Online)

    Theresa May's necklace is a stunning design by Amanda Wakeley https://www.amandawakeley.com/chunky-necklace-steel . It is a beautiful necklace, extremely well made and will look and feel fabulous but it is not Silver (and nor, quite rightly, do they claim it to be). It is made from brass which is then silver plated (a process which bonds a very thin layer of silver to a base metal). This makes is much cheaper than Silver, so you can snap one up for £245.

    We don’t sell silver plated jewellery. All of our necklaces are sterling silver.  To be called “Sterling Silver” by law, the piece has to be made from an alloy that is 925 parts per 1000 pure silver (the other 75 are other metals mixed with the silver to give it strength) and it has to be tested and hallmarked by an independent assay office to prove it.

    The advantage of silver plated jewellery is they are usually lighter (because the metals used under the silver are lighter) and it is much cheaper because there is only a tiny % of silver involved. But it looks like silver because the outside layer is real silver. The only downside of plated jewellery is that the silver layer is very thin, and over time, with a lot of wear the silver plate will rub off and it will need to be sent off to a specialist to be replated in either silver or Rhodium (which doesn't tarnish like silver).

    If you don’t want silver plated, and are looking for something similar in sterling silver then we do have a couple of pieces that would work BUT of course, being silver rather than plated they are a lot more expensive. However they will also maintain an intrinsic value based on the weight of silver alone, which costume jewellery made from base metals and plate will not, and they will never need to be retreated other than given a quick polish to keep the silver looking shiny.

    First up we have the Brigantia Sterling Silver Neckace. This is on a scale with Theresa’s necklace but to keep the price and weight reasonable (Brass is around 20% lighter than silver), we have created each thick link with a hollow core, which makes it light for it’s size (but my no means flimsy) and much easier to wear.

    Brigantia Sterling Silver Necklace Brigantia Sterling Silver Necklace

    With a slightly smaller link, but solid silver without the hollow core, we have the Damona Chunky Silver Necklace which is a spectacular piece which is guaranteed to make a statement.

    Damona sterling silver necklace Damona sterling silver necklace

    If you need any help choosing the right piece for you or the lady in your life, please give us a call, drop us an email to solidsilver@corazonlatino.com or hop on the live chat when we're around and we'll be delighted to help.

  • Beautiful British Flowers - A romantic gift that isn't silver

    At Corazon Latino, our raison d'etre is to provide a risk free solution for men looking for something special for the ladies in their lives.

    Obviously we think handmade silver jewellery is the perfect choice, but we also understand that that is suitable for every woman or every occasion and there are only so many bracelets and bangles you can buy, so we are always on the lookout for other ideas for romantic gifts for women.

    Recently we stumbled across the guys at The Great British Florist and thought they were a lovely alternative to our jewellery. Not only are they are lovely people who share our passion for good old fashioned customer service, but they also have flowers that a little bit different from your standard florist or interflora delivery.

    Did you know that only 10% of flowers sold in Britain are grown here? (we didn't). The rest are driven across from Europe or flown in from further afield. They are either specifically engineered, long lasting varieties, or, to prolong their life, the stamens are removed from the flowers before shipping which also removes their scent. That why you get those long stemmed roses from Kenya which look lovely but don't smell at all (and what's the point of a rose without the gorgeous fragrance?)

    By sourcing 100% British, the guys at the Great British Florist have a constantly changing, year round supply of flowers, including native wild flowers. This means you get some really unusual blooms, and you get flowers that are fresh, scented, natural and sustainable. Flowers that are picked and prepared locally, that are guaranteed to last for at least 7 days and which can be delivered next day if you order before 5pm.

    By buying British Flowers, not only are you sending something a little bit different, you are also supporting British Wildlife and biodiversity. Rather than the large scale production of many overseas flower farms, the Great British Florist's farm is a mixed family enterprise. They have both arable crops and animals with crops ranging from grass seed, through to wheat, barley, peas, and sunflowers, and well as a herd of cattle, a couple of pigs, and some very free range chickens… They have a huge network of native hedges as well as wildflower meadows and strips, ponds and woodland.

    With dainty posies starting at £25, and bouquets from £40 to £70 as well as the option to "supersize" any selection by adding 35% more flowers for a minimal additional cost, the options are endless. They will even supply huge buckets of freshly picked flowers for you to arrange yourself for a wedding or event.

    We tried the hand-tied British Posy at £35. It arrived beautifully boxed, complete with a lovely gift card. There were all sorts of unusual flowers and the scent was amazing. One week on it is still going strong.

    Posy Close up Card

    As a family business they are there to talk to you about the flowers in season and help you create the perfect selection so if you're looking for something a little different, something quintessentially British then why not give them a try.

    To order your British bouquet or posy with a special introductory 10% discount, visit The Great British Florist and quote voucher code GBFGREETING.

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about Liquid Silver Jewellery

    We are often asked about our liquid silver jewellery (known as silver silk in Australia) so I thought it might be useful to provide a little more information about this amazing jewellery and also how to make sure you get the right piece for you.

    Liquid silver was created by Native American artisans in New Mexico. The shimmering "liquid" look is created by stringing hundred of tiny sterling silver tubes onto fine threads to create flexible strands of shimmering silver which look like they are solid strands of liquid silver. To get the perfectly smooth finish the beads themselves are machine made so that each and every one is exactly the same size and weight and diameter so that they fit together seamlessly. They are made from flat ribbons of silver which are formed into tubes and then cut. These beads are threaded onto the threads and supplied to artisans to create their own jewellery in whatever length and number of strands required.


    Liquid silver is sold all over the world but be aware it is not all the same! I have never heard of anyone using anything less than real sterling silver (they are just too difficult to make to be worth faking) BUT there are a number of different thicknesses of bead available, and the choice of stringing thread varies from manufacturer to manufacturer which means that not every strand of liquid silver is the same.

    Now, there is nothing wrong with the cheaper versions. They are still sterling silver. They still look good but you need to understand what you are buying so that you can make an informed choice about the money you spend.


    Pieces made with the lighter weight beads are MUCH cheaper because they use much less silver. While the beads may not look very different on a photo, they are made with much thinner sheets of silver so each tube is less silver and more "hole". This reduces the weight dramatically and therefore the price. With silver prices going through the roof I am sure more and more people will look at downgrading to the lighter weight beads to allow them to maintain their prices. The upside of these lighter weight beads is that the bracelets and necklaces that are made with them are MUCH cheaper. The downsides are that they are much more fragile and susceptible to kinking and because they weigh so little they tend not to drape as well as the heavier pieces, which makes them feel "cheap" and means they lose some of their shimmering impact.

    The heavier pieces, feel heavy against the skin, and drape beautifully to create the shimmering silver waterfall effect that people fall in love with. They are also extremely durable despite their fragile, delicate look.

    When it comes to stringing materials, to get the lovely shimmering liquid illusion you need a soft flexible thread. We use jewellers silk (like you use to string pearls). Some people use nylon or jewellers wire, which is stronger but tends to be more rigid and give a slightly different drape. Again, it's really a matter of personal choice.

    Here are our top tips for choosing the right piece of liquid silver jewellery for you:

    1) Decide whether you want a necklace or a bracelet.

    2) Decide how many strands you want.(we have bracelets in 20 or 30 strands & necklaces in 10 or 25 strands)

    3) Decide whether you want all the strands the same or similar length; like our Sylvia necklace; which create a thick stream of silver or different lengths; like our Sylvania, which gives you a more delicate multistrand effect. Sylviana-Silver-Set-O

    4) Decide what length works best on you by measuring a necklace or bracelet that that already fits. Bear in mind that the thicker the bracelet or necklace the longer it needs to be to produce the same length when worn so if you're using a piece with a different thickness as your base measurement, adjust it by a centimetre for ever 5mm of difference in thickness.

    5) Shop around and find the pieces that fit your requirements and then most importantly of all...

    6) COMPARE WEIGHTS! Comparing weights will immediately tell you what kind of beads are being used and will allow you not only to choose the weight and style of piece you want but also to compare pieces that may look the same online but have completely different prices.

    To give you a simple example. We offer a heavyweight 30 strand liquid silver bracelet for £150. I have seen 30 strand liquid silver bracelets of the same size for £75-£80. The difference in weight? Ours weighs 21g, these others 10-12g. Twice the weight = Twice the price.

    Now the cheaper liquid silver is still silver, and it is still perfectly good, it's simply a matter of budget and personal taste. Just make sure you know what you're getting for the price you choose to pay. No matter what you decide this amazing jewellery really is beautiful and I am sure will be a pleasure to wear for years to come.

    Once you own your liquid silver, it should last you for year. The strands are studied than they look and it is simple to clean by gently pulling the piece between your fingers while holding a silver polishing cloth.

    As with all Corazon Latino jewellery, our liquid silver is backed by a no quibble money back guarantee so why not give it a try and see what it looks like for yourself.

  • Silver Bangles from Corazon Latino

    Silver bangles make great gifts. They are hard wearing, long lasting, and many of them provide a nice blank surface for you to engrave your own personal message on the inside making them a uniquely personal gift.

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  • How Bangles Play a Significant Role in Asian Culture

    The wearing of bangles in South Eastern Asia, particularly in India, lives and breathes tradition with its roots going all the way back to ancient times. In modern times, it exhibits no sign of slowing down as the use of bangles for married Indian women is still compulsory. The word, bangle, was derived from the Hindi word bangri or bangali, which in Sanskrit means the ornament which adorns the arm.

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  • The History of Bracelets and Their Impact on Modern Jewellery

    One of the most popular categories of jewellery at Corazon Latino is our silver bracelets. They range quite dramatically in both styles and prices. The bracelet has come a long way since it conception, and I wanted to talk about the history of the bracelet and how it has come to be one of the most beloved types of jewellery in the history of the human race.

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